Summer Holiday - Italy

venerdì 22 agosto 2014
I'm in Italy now, writing from my lovely dear old room and everything feels like back to usual. It seems like I've been away for years yet it feels like I never left home. Few things have changed and others are still the same. I still remember how to drive my car, which was something that quite scared me (I mean, wondering if I remembered how to drive) and now I'm trying to enjoy these two short weeks of italian summer, the kind of summer that I'm used to. I've been away for just six months, which actually it's quite a lot, and on my way back home I thought everything was going to be as I left but, to my disappoint, things have changed and not changed at all at the same time.
I was expecting to live as I used to live before I left: going out for dinner, for parties, fangirl, going to the beach, stay up late at night. But friends are working, I'm alone and I feel like I've been missing so many things.
I love to be home, though, I think everyone does. The thing is that I'm always eager to change, to escape, to try something different, something new, but then I get scared and I want to go back to my room, to my house, to my friends and family and stay in that same old routine that used to bore me.
I'm silly, so foolish and naive, but I don't care anymore.

SO, in my last blog post I wrote that I had plans about photography and I was obviously talking about the London Photo Meet-up with Brooke Shaden. She organized the whole thing in Green Park and it was quite funny and depressing at the same time. I arrived very early cause I had a day off and I was bored at home so I was in Green Park around 5pm. When I noticed nobody was there yet (even though few people said they would) I walked to Piccadilly Circus and went to eat at my favourite sushi place (Yoshino). As I finished it was about time to go and when I got back to Green Park I spotted a big group of people on the grass with cameras and tripods and I joined them. I met so many nice and lovely people and I was the third person who hugged Brooke. She is so small and pretty and cute.
The evening was nice, even if I was more a model than a photographer (with my small poor camera) not big shoots planned and everything was very random. I felt quite out of place at certain point because everyone seemed to have ideas and concepts and started to direct models for their shoots but me, I was just wandering and stealing shots of other people' ideas. I guess it's just not for me to have ready ideas to use anytime, anywhere. But still, considering I took about 50 photos I ended up with few good shots, and felt pretty satisfied with them. I guess it was just luck, nothing to do with talent or anything. I was just lucky.
And now, another gathering is hopefully in plan for the end of August, let's hope I will be able to go and enjoy some creativity which is something that I miss often, lately.
I will let you know.

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