Kew Gardens

domenica 22 giugno 2014
I told you I was planning to visit the Kew Gardens, so I did; I went the day after I wrote the last blog post, on thursday, which was my day off. I went there late, like around 3-4pm so I had very little time to visit it all because the closing time is 6pm. But however, I saw half of it and really enjoyed it. 
First of all it was a beautiful day, sunny and very very hot. The Glasshouse was the first thing I visited and as soon as I walked inside I was nearly dying because of the hot temperature. It was almost impossible to breathe, but still it was amazing. Not that I'm interested in gardening or plants or whatever but I liked the atmosphere there. As you can see I took a lot of photos and that kept me too busy to actually pay attention to what kind of plant I was capturing, there were too many anyway, I would have spent all afternoon reading the captions under the plants. Crazy.

But let's go on with the tour: one of the best parts of my little trip at Kew Gardens (if not the best) was when I walked outside of the Glasshouse and found myself in a garden full of roses. It kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and the smell of the roses was so strong that was overwhelming. I think at one point I was seriously trying not to cry because I was feeling way too emotional. It's stupid, I know, that's the way I am. Crying for roses, hah! But sometimes the beauty of certain things really makes me emotional, I was just born this way. Yeah, I'm stupid.
Then I went to the Kew Palace but it was nothing special, and also the Royal Kitchens and after that I bought a delicious carrot cake. (I really can't stop myself from buying cakes.)
Now I can't wait to go back to see the rest because I loved it and I loved that I spent my day off visiting something new, I should really do this more often. And you should too.

Now, my best friend is coming next month and we are planning to go to Brighton and I really can't wait. 

Family trip around London

mercoledì 11 giugno 2014
My family came to visit me last week after three months of me staying away from home (quite too much for them) so we did a little trip all around London. My mum had already been here with me few years ago, but it was the first time for my brother and my grandma, so I took them to the most famous places. You will see nothing new or unseen but you can still enjoy.
That week the weather was awful, rain and cold all days except the last one which was kinda fine. It was still winter, like I was going around with my coat and my boots and now I'm wearing summer dresses and sandals; and it was just one week and a half ago. So you can imagine why people keep complaining about London's weather. One day it's winter and the next is summer. Nice. 

However, I did few things for the first time as well since I came here in London (guess what!) like  visiting the London Eye and cruising on the Thames. I also went to see the Tower Bridge which I had never seen before. Despite the weather was really hateful, I had fun and it felt like home to stay with my family. I really like London, but nothing feels like home, not yet at least and even it feels like ages since I moved here. It's just three months though, can you believe it? Time fucking flies. Tomorrow it will be already one year, it's so scary and exciting at the same time. Yeah, maybe I won't be even be here in London in one year, who knows? Hopefully I will still be somewhere.

Also I was thinking that I used to spend all my days off travelling and visiting London and now it's been a while since I did the tourist so I decided I want to start road tripping around London and the whole England whenever I have the chance and the money to do it. It's such  beautiful country and I really can't wait to see all of it. During these last few months I fell in love with every garden and park I went to. They have like something, not sure what, but they still have something magical or surreal. I went to Hyde Park one day and I felt like I was in a painting, and for someone like me who loves paintings and art and stuffs like that, it's just amazing.
Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the Kew Gardens and maybe I will write a blog post about it. Wish me luck!