3/52 BTS

giovedì 30 gennaio 2014

I joined a project called Let's Get Creative 2014 which is a 52 weeks project open to everyone with a theme for each week of the year. 
Since the day I fell in love with photography I struggled with myself about starting a 365 project (where you have to take one photo everyday for a year), but with school and everything I had neither time nor will to actually start one. 
When I saw this project I thought that maybe a 52 weeks project was easier and the fact that a lot of photographers are joining made me want to join it as well. It's a very cool project because you get to see lots of differents ideas and concepts of one single theme and it's very inspiring.


This was week three and the theme was "books". Thanks to my friend who helped me, I felt less awkward  with her than if I had to shoot it by myself. However, the shoot went well and then we decided to make some Pavesini. 

I really really suggest this project, it's quite funny and I hope to improve the way I didn't in the last six years.

Going off topic...

Today I finally (after three long months) booked my flight to London, me and my friend are moving there. It was exciting until it became scaring and now I'm trying not to think about it because I'll loose my mind if I do. Wish me luck and cross your fingers for me, it's going to be...hopefully a great adventure.