Notting Hill Carnival

giovedì 4 settembre 2014
I'm baaack. In Landaan. Yes, actually I was already back two weeks ago, on saturday, the saturday before Notting Hill Carnival (which was on Sunday 24/Monday 25).
NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL. I mean, I didn't even have the time to arrive at home, sleep and rest after traveling all day that my housemates organized a barbecue (it was my friend's birthday, okay, fair enough.)
 I was tired as hell and all I wanted to do was going straight to bed and sleep for twelve hours, but I was a good friend enough to stay awake and join the bbq. And, to my surprise, it was a very nice bbq. It was just us (no awkward conversations with strangers aka my housemates' friends) enjoying one of the last summer evenings. They used to give a bbq every two weeks for god knows what kind of event, and I was getting pretty tired of all these weird dinners together, but this time was fine. I stayed awake until midnight just talking about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, awkward singers, tv shows and hot actors and I really had a great time. Never talked that much with the people I'm living with. Now two of them left, and the other two will leave in two weeks from now, quite sad, like the end of summer. Should I say that I like better the grey, cloudy, rainy London than the sunny one? I don't know but lately I'm walking around the streets thinking about how this kind of weather really suits London. It really does, when it's sunny, everyone is happy and everything is amazing but it kind of feels wrong. London is what it is and this weather is what makes it so special.
But let's get back to my return.
At the bbq, we were casually talking when one of my housemates asked me and my friend if we were going to "the festival". At that point I thought "God, can I please have just a day to stay home and sleep?" cause seriously, I needed rest. Traveling is so damn stressful.
But "yes", we decided to go to this Notting Hill Carnival,which apparently was a big event 'cause there were posters everywhere.

We went, it was nothing special. It could have been if you go there with the intention to get drunk and dance with your friends. But we went there expecting a parade, with heavy bags and my camera. And, it was nearly impossible to walk. We spent more time trying to get through the crowd than exploring the festival. So, yeah, maybe next year will be better.

What else? Everyone is leaving the place where I'm working, I'm trying to leave as well but the job hunting is more complicated than expected, so we'll see. Hopefully I will find something by the end of the month. I went to a leaving party and had really fun, I laughed so much and everyone was drunk (except me). And people should really stop to buy me drinks/tequilas/beers 'cause I DON'T DRINK.
I say that for their wallet's good and mine.

That's all. See you next time.