Random #2

domenica 30 novembre 2014
It seems a decade since I wrote on here last time but, honestly, I didn't have much to say. London eats you alive, you don't have time for anything; you're organized or you're organized, there is no other option. Time flies so fast that it's scary and, sadly, everything gets sucked into the daily routine: work, eat, sleep. There's no time to do much more, and thanks god for those two days off where you can barely manage to do some of the things of your never ending to-do list.

So what have I been up to in the last couple of months? Not much,

Wandering around London, doing some shopping, trying to buy some christmas presents (which I eventually didn't buy), trying to find a jacket 'cause mine was broken, trying to understand what the fuck I want to do with my life 'cause I feel like stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Weather is shit, but in London is always shit. Cold, rain, fog, amazing! BUT, I'm so relieved there's the same shit weather in Italy. However, in my current very boring life I also did something a little bit different. I went to few premieres during the London Film Festival, and I also went to the Mockingjay Part 1 World Premiere, and the story was quite funny. I've been to only two or three premieres but I considered myself expert enough to prepare everything in advance and think that I could actually get a chance to be in the front row. I even booked my day off weeks before the event to make sure that everything would go as expected. So on that morning, I prepared some food and water to bring with me, I dressed myself properly 'cause it was cold and raining as hell, I went there around 12 and saw they were still building the barriers. Even though I thought it was strange that there were not so many people I started to feel excited that maybe I would really get in the front-row...
...until I saw the big crowd of people on the other side of the square waiting to get in the queue.

So, basically there were these men who were giving bracelets with numbers to get in the queue for the viewing. I got the number 860. Of fucking course. 859 people had to get inside the barriers before me, and of course they were all full even before number 800. So I didn't see shit. Thanks for the big screen in front of me I saw everything very well but it was better to lay on my hot and dry bed than standing for hours under the cold rain. I literally couldn't feel my feet anymore at one point and I was so fucking wet. But honestly, it was good. I enjoyed myself, I met american people, I laughed with them, and I felt the magic of the books once again.
Now that I know how big premieres work I will prepare myself properly for next time.

And now I'm in Italy, seeing my friends, spending time with them and with my family before heading to London again next wednesday. I have some plans, finally, let's see how it goes.