Covent Garden, British Library and Holland Park

domenica 23 marzo 2014
Hello!!! Last few days I had a lot time by myself since my roommate and friend had few different job trials, so I decided to do the tourist. Of course I'm supposed to go aroung looking for a job but, hey, I'm in London let me enjoy the city a little bit!
However, a friend of mine suggested me to visit Covent Garden (which I already saw on my trip back in 2009) and Holland Park.

For those of you who already know Covent Garden, you surely know how magic and beautiful it is, especially for the live music, but for the others who have never been there, well, you must visit it! Covent Garden is a must if you go to London, there are many little shops, and there is also a little market and many many restaurants/bar/cafè. But the best thing about this place is live music. 
The other day there was this girl, Sammie Jay, who is so talented, I loved each song of hers, either if it was a cover or an original song. I stopped and listened for half an hour at least, and I'm sorry I didn't give her nothing at all because she deserved it. But you know, I need money as well eheh, for now at least.

Also, I don't if they still cook it, but when I visited London in 2009 and went to Covent Garden I ate the Jacket Potato, it was so good you really should try it (here's the link to that trip, I took a photo so you can see what it looks like.) The food is basically the other good thing about Covent Garden. So, really, go visit Covent Garden!!

First week

giovedì 20 marzo 2014
So I'm writing from London, sitting on my bed after sending many CV application. The first few days were crazy busy. When I visited London the first time I saw everyone running around and I didn't get why they were always doing it, were they always late?? Now I get it though, there is no time to do anything. You always have too many things to do in one day and even twenty-four hours aren't enough to do them all. Just one week has passed and it feels like I came here a month ago. It's crazy, but I love it. I was a little scared at first, everything was so different from what I was used to, it took me few days to finally enjoy the London antmosphere.
London is still London after all. The weather has been sunny, not too cold not too hot, it feels almost like spring. Flowers are everywhere and everyone is so nice and kind.

Not to mention how inspirational places and people are, you walk in the street and always remain fascinated by a stranger.

I have to admin that the first day I arrived I wanted to go straight back home but now I wish I could stay, there is always something to do, to see, to discover. It's refreshing!

However, last week we went to Oxford Circus (so many times that I actually know every shop, restaurant of the streets,) Camden Town, Soho, Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Regent's Park, Trafalguar Square and the National Gallery. Next are the British Library (which I hope to visit today) and Covent Garden. I'm also looking forward to visit Primrose Hill and Hyde Park. To be honest we have still a lot to see. I hope we'll have the chance to do it. I'll keep you updated.

Busy days but still the best days

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014
I know I am not the kind of person who has a lot of friends to hang out with, and I used to feel like shit for that. But even if I didn't go out every saturday night (and still I don't) I am grateful to have friends that I love so much and I know I can trust. We've always been there for each other, at the end of the day.  

Since I'm leaving on tuesday we're spending a lot of time together lately and finally decided to take a decent picture (quite more than one). So we basically set up the tripod then acted like ourselves in the most stupid/fangirling possible way. I can't tell how fun that was, we had a great time.

I love being myself so much, you know, being with people who make you feel in the right place, it's just something you can't do with everyone. I have friends I really care about, but I still have to act in a certain way because we don't have the same approach.  
It took me years to realize that it's better to have few good friends than a lot random ones. You never have to be alone, you can always count on someone, even if that person lives ages away or whatever. When I was planning to move to London I thought I wouldn't miss my friends that much except for two or three of them, but now that I had to spend so much amazing time with them it makes me so sad it brings me to tears. 

And now (I need to stop crying) enjoy!!