Covent Garden, British Library and Holland Park

domenica 23 marzo 2014
Hello!!! Last few days I had a lot time by myself since my roommate and friend had few different job trials, so I decided to do the tourist. Of course I'm supposed to go aroung looking for a job but, hey, I'm in London let me enjoy the city a little bit!
However, a friend of mine suggested me to visit Covent Garden (which I already saw on my trip back in 2009) and Holland Park.

For those of you who already know Covent Garden, you surely know how magic and beautiful it is, especially for the live music, but for the others who have never been there, well, you must visit it! Covent Garden is a must if you go to London, there are many little shops, and there is also a little market and many many restaurants/bar/cafè. But the best thing about this place is live music. 
The other day there was this girl, Sammie Jay, who is so talented, I loved each song of hers, either if it was a cover or an original song. I stopped and listened for half an hour at least, and I'm sorry I didn't give her nothing at all because she deserved it. But you know, I need money as well eheh, for now at least.

Also, I don't if they still cook it, but when I visited London in 2009 and went to Covent Garden I ate the Jacket Potato, it was so good you really should try it (here's the link to that trip, I took a photo so you can see what it looks like.) The food is basically the other good thing about Covent Garden. So, really, go visit Covent Garden!!

The day after (I think?) my friend was free so we went to the British Library (finally!!!). I have to say we didn't see much because you need the pass to access the reading rooms but we ended up in a gallery inside the library and spent few hours there, it was nice though. There were a lot of manuscripts and rare books, there was also Jane Austen's writing desk, and the Jane Eyre manuscript. I was freaking out! I usually don't like exhibitions that much but I quite liked this one, very ispiring. Of course, we definitely need to go again and make the pass to access the reading rooms.



And that's the last but not least part of these last few days, wich was also my favourite part. I went to Holland Park, alone, and I fell in love with it. It was a sunny day (at the beginning at least) and there were flowers everywere. The houses were so fascinating and very London style that I was dying for their beauty. But, generally, the architecture of London is beautiful and fascinating everywhere no matter which zone you go to.

By the way, I spent few minutes searching the park and finally found it. I basically went there just to see the peacocks running around the park so I spent half the time looking for them but it was harder that I thought. In the meanwhile I visited the park and took a lot of photos, below you can see how beautiful this park is. I was very ispired and fascinated and I was like "please, I want to live here!" the whole time. I generally love parks, so it was very easy for me to fall in love with this one, but I don't know, I think Holland Park is another must if you're staying in London for a while. I mean, look at the pictures! And, in this spring weather it's the best, you get to see all the blooming trees and vivid colors everywhere. 

So yeah, go visit Holland Park as well if you haven't already. You'll be in love with it, I promise.









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