Random Days

venerdì 11 ottobre 2013
It's 1 a.m and me and my friend Lisa are back with "Late Night Editing with Lisa Rowe and Francie Idette". To be honest we didn't late-night-edited that much this summer so we're trying to fix this up and here we are.  These are random photos took in random days. The girl in the photo it's me.

London 2009

giovedì 10 ottobre 2013
This is a trip I did in 2009 so the photos are old, but lately I want to go back so bad and I was just in a London mood. I really really hope to go back soon.


venerdì 4 ottobre 2013
 I just forgot to post these photos, which I took on three different days last August. 
17th August - We went out for dinner with friends and decided to go to the beach at sunrise the next morning, and so we did. 

Bulgaria, Sofia - Part III

martedì 1 ottobre 2013
This is the last part of our trip where we went to Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and visited the city and its monuments. There are also few photos of our hotels and other random ones.

Bulgaria, Tryavna e Veliko Tarnovo - Part II

Then we visited Tryavna and Veliko Tarnovo, two other lovely towns. 

Bulgaria, Etara - Part I

We went to Bulgaria for a trip since my mum works there and she took us to some lovely places, where I took a lot of photos. This is the part one.
The photos are from the first day when we visited Etara, a lovely little town which exists from 19th century. It was very interesting.