Bulgaria, Etara - Part I

martedì 1 ottobre 2013

We went to Bulgaria for a trip since my mum works there and she took us to some lovely places, where I took a lot of photos. This is the part one.
The photos are from the first day when we visited Etara, a lovely little town which exists from 19th century. It was very interesting.


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  1. i really like this place; your photo make me feel like going there, it seems a peaceful place, where all the villagers holding together, and where there is good food; something like Stars Hollow, the village of "Gilmore girls"( una mamma per amica), isn't it? I like your photo and their beautiful colors, them remember me pre-raphaelite paintings. In addition i think you are beautiful girl with beautiful red hair, who of you-all thinks the same? in conclusion, compliments! Eva