Kew Gardens

domenica 22 giugno 2014
I told you I was planning to visit the Kew Gardens, so I did; I went the day after I wrote the last blog post, on thursday, which was my day off. I went there late, like around 3-4pm so I had very little time to visit it all because the closing time is 6pm. But however, I saw half of it and really enjoyed it. 
First of all it was a beautiful day, sunny and very very hot. The Glasshouse was the first thing I visited and as soon as I walked inside I was nearly dying because of the hot temperature. It was almost impossible to breathe, but still it was amazing. Not that I'm interested in gardening or plants or whatever but I liked the atmosphere there. As you can see I took a lot of photos and that kept me too busy to actually pay attention to what kind of plant I was capturing, there were too many anyway, I would have spent all afternoon reading the captions under the plants. Crazy.

But let's go on with the tour: one of the best parts of my little trip at Kew Gardens (if not the best) was when I walked outside of the Glasshouse and found myself in a garden full of roses. It kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and the smell of the roses was so strong that was overwhelming. I think at one point I was seriously trying not to cry because I was feeling way too emotional. It's stupid, I know, that's the way I am. Crying for roses, hah! But sometimes the beauty of certain things really makes me emotional, I was just born this way. Yeah, I'm stupid.
Then I went to the Kew Palace but it was nothing special, and also the Royal Kitchens and after that I bought a delicious carrot cake. (I really can't stop myself from buying cakes.)
Now I can't wait to go back to see the rest because I loved it and I loved that I spent my day off visiting something new, I should really do this more often. And you should too.

Now, my best friend is coming next month and we are planning to go to Brighton and I really can't wait. 

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  1. What a goegrous place! Beautiful photographs, well done :)

  2. Soo beautiful pictures!! Can I borrow one and show on my blog if I link back to you?