martedì 5 agosto 2014
I don't know how, but my laptop might be back to normality since now I've been using it for three days and still nothing happened. But you never know so let's write blog posts as soon as I can. 
About three weeks ago my best friend came to visit me in London and one day we decided to go to Brighton. We were planning it for weeks but unfortuately the weather was shit. I mean, why everytime someone come to visit me and I have to go around London all day, it always has to rain? It was freaking cold, rainy and windy. Thanks weather, you really love me. 
Anyway maybe it was the cold weather or the short time we had to visit all the town, but I feel like I didn't really enjoy it. It felt so nostalgic and sad. The funfair on the Brighton Pier was lovely though. But that's it.
Nothing really special, maybe I should go back with a good weather for few days so I will be able to live the town properly, don't you think?

Oh anyway, at least I had my camera.

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