Greenwich and picnic

martedì 5 agosto 2014
When my best friend was still here, her brother took us to Greenwich. Of course the weather was shit again,what would you expect.
I didn't even take that many photos 'cause there was no point.  BUT, I will go back and I will post loads of photos.

Then there are few photos from the day that me and my friend went to Regent's Park and few others from last week when I went with my friend to St. James' Park for a picnic. It was supposed to be an international picnic, with four of us and dishes from our countries. But eventually it was just me and Sylwia with a sort of polish apple pie and crepes with cheese. AND CREAM. Don't forget the cream.
It was nice though, at one point it even started to rain. Unusual, huh?

I will write another blog post soon 'cause I might have nice plans for tonight, which involve photography. Stay tuned.

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