Once upon a night in Regent's Park

sabato 23 agosto 2014
London can be amazing and beautiful for so many things that you don't even know where to start, but my favourite one is definitely its parks. Every fucking park in London is magic, I always feel so fascinated and inspired and peaceful. Everytime I go to a park in London I feel happy, even if it's a bad day.
And I remember, in particular, one day that I came home from work, very tired after working eight hours and after I woke up at four in the morning, and my friend asked me to go to some park (because she's into nature and walking and that kind of stuff.) So, I usually say no because I'm feeling very tired, and all I want is just lay in the bed, text with my friends and scroll Tumblr. But that day I felt like 'ok let's do it, I can do it.' so I relaxed for few minutes and then we both went out. 
We decided to go to Regent's Park, cause we usually go to Hyde Park so it would've be nice to change once in a while. It was around 7 or maybe 8pm, but it was summer so it was still very bright and warm. We walked for a while around the park and then entered the Inner Circle, where we spotted a huge group of people having a pic-nic and dancing latino music. There were few groups actually having pic-nics and it was so nice seeing so many people having fun and chilling out on the grass, with music and everything. There was this kind of romantic summer feeling that was making everything so beautiful. I wished I had my camera with me or, at least, a boyfriend; but I'm still thankful I was with my friend. We kept walking and exploring the park and we entered the Rose Garden. I swear to God, I used to think roses are mainstream and irrelevant to me, but I am so in love with their smell. 
I still remember that time I went to Kew Gardens (again, another park) in the Rose Garden spot and I was almost crying for the smell. Seriously, I'm not joking, it was so strong that all my senses were filled by that smell.
We stayed in the Rose Gardens a lot of time cause my friend loves roses and we both love the smell. After a while we decided to walk to Primrose Hill (which is behind Regent's Park, at north.) 
We missed the sunset for a second, damn hill. But we sat on the top of it and watched the light fading over London. It was so romantic. 
A while later it was around 10pm so we went home. It was a very long day but I'm so grateful I found the strenght to go out 'cause I would have missed an amazing evening.

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