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giovedì 15 maggio 2014
  After looong, long time I finally decided to post about my trip at the Tate Modern Gallery. You know, when I was home (back in Italy) I barely went out, especially by my own, but here in London it's almost impossible to stay home: so many things to see and do. So on one of my days off I went to the Tate Modern. 
I have to say I'm not a fan of galleries, museums or exhibitions unless it's something involved with photography, but I really liked it. It was nice to see some of the things I've studied in High School and recognize almost every artist. However, the best part of the gallery was the shop. After few hours of visiting every room I ended up in the shop of the Tate: BIG MISTAKE. One of the main things I have to remember now is to save, save, save. And when I went to the shop all I wanted to do was buy, buy, buy. A lot of magazines, books, gadgets, I wanted to buy everything. I think I've spent more hours inside that shop than visiting the gallery. But luckily I didn't buy anything. 

Lately I've been spending days working, eating and sleeping, mainly because the weather has been awful. Cold and rain while in Italy everybody went to beach, nice. I'm still wearing my winter coat and waiting for the summer to arrive so I won't be spending so much time thinking about what I should wear. I love summer only because it's so easy to dress up. Dresses, shorts, tops and you're done. When I wasn't tired enough to go out I went to Waterstone and spent few hours in the Photography and Fashion department reading and exploring some books, or visiting some charity shops and shopping here and there. I miss taking photos, I barely do it lately, but since my family is coming to visit in few weeks maybe I'll be start again. London deserves to be captured.

Yesterday I didn't want to go home after work so I went to Victoria and Pimlico to search some charity shops and I ended up finding an absolutely amazing photography shop. A lot of vintage goods, polaroids and so many lenses. I was dying and the prices weren't even high. I found a Rolleiflex for 169£ which I guess is not much, is it? When I'll be able to spend some money on photography that's where I'll go. 

Let's hope the next blog post won't be next month. 



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  1. I miss our nights so much! Miss edits picture together and chatting about everything brain. Hope we're going to have both more time to spend at our show again and yes I envy your talend as always u.u