Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens (Birthday post)

domenica 20 aprile 2014
It's been a while since I've posted something, not so much has happened but I wanted to write anyway.
Last monday was my birthday and luckily for me I had two days off; my friend was working on sunday so I had all day by myself. At first I didn't even know what to do, it was a very sunny and warm day so I wanted to go out. I somehow had an enlightment and decided to visit Kensington Gardens, which I wanted to see since few weeks. 
I cooked myself a very good pasta with (homemade) italian ragù and ate so many sweet strawberries I was going to die. Then I got dressed quickly and went to Kensington Gardens. It was sunday, sunny and very hot, there were a lot of people, kids, and tourists cycling around Hyde Park and as soon as I got there I wanted to hire a bike. I used to cycle a lot when I was little, but not lately and I really love cycle, so I just did it. Music, warm weather, Hyde Park and a bycicle, it was just perfect. After few hours I took a break and sat in the middle of Hyde Park enjoying two muffins (couldn't ask for more) when I got a call for a possible job interview (which sadly went good but was not the job I was looking for). I was so satisfied with how that day turned out that I decided to do something similar the next day for my birthday.

The next day, itwas me and my friend Eva, who asked for a day off to spend it with me, since it was my birthday.  We went to Hyde Park again for a cycle, enjoying the same beautiful weather. Then we went to the cinema to see Divergent, which was nice. I've read the book just before the movie came out and I have to say the movie was very well directed. It was pretty much the same as the book, even though the story itself didn't amaze me that much. However, after the movie we went in a sushi restaurant and ate chickend noodles and sashimi. So good, I wanted to eat sushi since the day I came here, if not even before that. I was not satisfied enough, though. I really hope I will eat sushi again pretty soon. 

The rest of the week went well, as usual, nothing special happened except few random episodes but nothing relevant. I met an italian boy this morning, who was going home and he helped me find the buses to get to work since the tube was closed. I should really get a reminder to check every possibilities in case these things happen again. I still have to know how holidays work here. 

Anyway, another big news is that tomorrow I have a shoot. First shoot since I came to London, and well, stay tuned, I am curious as well.




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