5/52 BTS and Park adventures

domenica 9 febbraio 2014
Today I finally shot the 5/52 "Hats" theme with my best friend, we went to the park and took so many photos. You can see the final photo here.
Then, we visited the places we used to go when we were, like, 12-13 years old and it was like traveling back in time. So many memories: our old school, our old friend's house, the field where we went to take photos and then found ourselves covered by some sort of caterpillars, after which we had to change all of our clothes. 

I miss being this young and carefree, everything was so easy and beautiful and exciting, I was happy. I still am, but I miss those times. All the girls nights, the gossips and just being stupid and having fun. I'll miss these places, these people, everything.











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